Liberals push fear of Republicans |

Liberals push fear of Republicans

Dear Editor:

There is a Vaudeville act going on in the Obama administration (and has been for four years) that would give our friends in Glenwood Springs a run for their money. The fuzzy math, two-stepping and lack of transparency is truly awe-inspiring.

But I digress.

On my way to the Mitt Romney visit in Basalt, I noticed a “protester” sign that read something to the effect of, “Vote Republican if you want more war.” It got me to thinking about all the rhetoric from the Democrats and liberals. Hear the speeches, watch the commercials, read the ads – and you come away with some interesting conclusions.

It seems we conservatives want more war; don’t want people to have health care; want dirty water and air; don’t want education; want to do away with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; want to use dirty coal and petroleum forever; want to push elderly in wheelchairs over a cliff; want all the money for ourselves (and keep it in offshore accounts); and don’t want people to vote (or something like that).

We apparently hate the middle class, immigrants, Muslims, blacks, gays and women (we actually are at war with them).

We don’t want to pay taxes, want to bust all unions and send all your jobs to China and want people (especially women) to pay for their own contraception (gasp).

Oh, wait a minute – that one is actually true.

No doubt the election is a contentious one. My hope is you can see through the obfuscation to make a change. Guess we’ll see come next week.

Rich Wontor


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