Liberal lawmakers deceive Coloradans |

Liberal lawmakers deceive Coloradans

Not satisfied with holding the Colorado House, Senate and governor’s mansion; not satisfied with majorities that enact every far-left hobbyhorse imaginable; now Colorado legislators “reeducate” the unwashed, knuckle-dragging rubes of Colorado, using “bait and switch” carpetbaggers.

On March 30, Sen. Kerry Donovan and Rep. Julie McCluskie summoned voters to a “town hall” in Hotchkiss (Delta County) to discuss the pending “Red Flag” gun bill, knowing the bait of this hot topic would attract a throng. Was there vigorous Q&A on Red Flag? No. Was there any Q&A? No. Instead, a purported legislator from (of course) California prattled for over an hour, arguing against common sense that the National Popular Vote Compact (NPVC) is good for rural Coloradans.

These are our state representatives. They think Coloradans are imbeciles. They think we appreciate their deception, camouflaging their reeducation camp as a town hall on another subject. They think we should defer our national election decisions to California. Why not include carpetbaggers from New York, Illinois, Oregon, Washington and Massachusetts so there’d be a representative from each of the states that would control presidential elections under the NPVC?

Senator and representative, are you women enough to face a real town hall on the Red Flag bill?

Maurice Emmer