Libations: the Last Dollar |

Libations: the Last Dollar

Rose Anna Laudicina

There’s a certificate hanging in The Red Onion above the bar proclaiming it a “Great Bourbon Bar of America,” so it’s no surprise that the drink we are featuring in this week’s Libations from the Red Onion is bourbon-based.

Named after a ski run on Aspen Mountain — actually all of the cocktails on the menu at Red Onion are named after ski runs or lifts on Aspen — Last Dollar is a variation on a mule.

We were “basically just experimenting one night and decided we didn’t like a traditional whiskey-substituted Moscow mule,” bar manager Jordan White said.

Served in a traditional mule mug and garnished with a slice of orange, the Last Dollar is a refreshing and bourbon-forward remix of a classic.

Made with Weller Special Reserve Bourbon, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, orange bitters and Regatta ginger beer, this cocktail is smooth while also packing a punch of flavor thanks to the orange liqueur and bitters and it is perfect for bourbon lovers.

“I don’t like the lime with whiskey as much and we substituted orange and decided we really like it,” White said. And ever since they made the switch and created the Last Dollar, it’s been a big hit with locals and visitors alike.

“It’s what the Historical Society asks for every time they bring the tours in,” White said.

The tour White is alluding to is the Historic Pub Crawl hosted by the Aspen Historical Society. Starting at the historic Red Onion, one of the oldest restaurant saloons established in 1892, the tour stops at various bars around Aspen for participants to learn a bit about Aspen’s past while enjoying some of the town’s favorite libations.

When you start with a drink like that, it makes it hard to move on to the next stop.