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Letters to the editor

Column was misleadingDear Editor:It is very disappointing that Mr. Guenin, in his op-ed piece in the June 5 Times Weekly, “Is Gaylord a Republican?” must resort to name-calling, slander and innuendo regarding his comments and/or reference to the Republican Party, President George W. Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft. Why must a solicitation letter from the Republican National Committee to a Republican, Democrat or otherwise be referenced as a letter from Hitler? Why is Mr. Ashcroft referred to as “Herr Ashcroft”? Of course Mr. Bush is called arrogant, along with his “buddies.” Also, he considers “the fact that the Republican Party may have billions stashed away …” Well, which is it? Is it a fact or is it maybe? It seems like a bit of hyperbole to me, in order to create an image of the Big, Bad, Rich Republican Party. After all, is it not some of those affiliated with the GOP, or at least voting for the Red State ideals and policies, who live or own or spend time in Aspen?That Mr. Guenin obviously has a political agenda of his own is not a problem or a contention. What is a concern is that he attempts to attribute the Third Reich characteristics to the current administration and cannot decide what is fact or fiction. I find this irresponsible, petty and completely misleading. With such a perspective and attitude, it is no wonder that he has become accustomed to his favored candidates losing!Neil J. Principe, M.D.Future Fivetrees residentKerry’s thoughts on roadless rule?Dear Editor:With the arrival of presidential candidate John Kerry in town on Monday, it will be interesting to hear if he addressed the roadless rule. The overwhelming public support to get the Roadless Area Conservation Act approved would serve as a beneficial stance for the candidate; especially in the Aspen valley, where the roadless rule has such potential to preserve areas in the national forests.Scott Condon’s article, “Gas firm sets sights on Pitco” (Aspen Times, June 21), illustrates EnCana Oil and Gas’ plan to start drilling exploratory wells in Pitkin County. Although EnCana expresses that the exploratory wells are not a full-scale gas-drilling project, it could very well lead to that. Sloan Shoemaker, executive director of the Aspen Wilderness Workshop, noted that this could be a precursor to large-scale drilling. To approve EnCana’s plan to start exploratory drilling is basically giving oil and gas companies the key to our national forests. With the increased exploration by oil and gas companies in and around Pitkin County, a national policy enforcing roadless area protection needs to be in effect. If this had been the case in May, the roadless rule could have prohibited the leasing of the Thompson Creek area.It is in the best interest of public officials to limit the oil and gas companies’ power. John Kerry’s supporting the roadless rule in Aspen would presumably boost his support, since the roadless rule will eventually come down to the president in office.Scott YeatesFort CollinsThanks, Fisher fansDear Editor:Having enjoyed the Freddie Fisher 100th birthday celebration a little too much last [Friday, June 11], we have been slow to thank everyone who bothered to show up. Well, thank you all!It is not often that Aspen throws a party for the long-dead King of the Dump, but now that the mayor has proclaimed Freddie Fisher Day to be an annual Aspen event, we have something to look forward to each June 12. An estimated 300 people drifted through as the party ran its course, and I am proud that my hometown supports the deification of Fisher, who may rise every spring as our very own icon of irreverence. By the way, next year’s event is wide open at this point, and we are taking suggestions for intriguing entertainment and revelry, as long as they conform to Freddie’s standards of decency.The event could not have been held without the enthusiastic support of the following people: Our mayor, Helen Klanderud, who likes a little fun now and again; George Stranahan, for his early pledge of support; Wabs, Tom Elder and staff at The Red Onion; the swingin’ band of Walt Smith, Bill Parish, Mark Gray, Chris Goplerud and Steve Cole; intermezzo entertainers Dan Sadowsky and Ellen Stapenhorst; Susan Fox for her collection of Fisher family memorabilia; and The Aspen Times, for running a full-color display of the event flier.Thanks to Su Lum for her donation of “Fisher the Fixer” books, and to Ruth Owen and Jill Uris of the Aspen Historical Society. Adrian Debee supplied Fisher music and videos, and Mona Long at Main Street Printing gave us a great deal on printing the event fliers, which were stolen almost as soon as they were put up (we are flattered).By the way, if you crave an archival-quality, full-size, limited-edition poster from the event, or a Freddie Fisher CD or video, make a donation to the Aspen Historical Society and they will send it to you.Greg PoschmanFerdinand FertleResurrection Commission

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