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Letters test

Testing, test, test, testing. The following is a test of the free speech system, Aspen letters to the editor style.

Since both papers made the choice not to print my last letters, this test is necessary. This type of behavior was expected from The Aspen Times and led to me to just stop writing to them awhile back. But when the Daily News starting doing it, it set me back.

I hadn’t realized how long it had been since they were that seemingly bold little local paper with that one tiny section of “The Real World”to the full-blown AP wire junkie they have become.

This is the other side of that Roger Marolt story, the side with much worse implications. I have always used my real name and have lived in the valley for over 26 years.

The sad part is that these letters to the editor sections are about the only written forum we, the people, have. And if it were a true forum I would be able to submit my letters in trust and confidence that my name would be withheld at my request.

Libel and slander are matters for the court. If I am bold enough to write it, you should be bold enough to print it.

Enough about those I now seek ink from; there are bigger issues. For now, let’s just look forward to see if this is printed … misprinted … spun … denied … ignored … don’t recall.

Roger Hollowell


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