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Letters policy needs work

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

I wish you would modify your policy for publishing letters to the editor to suppress religious diatribes such as the letter from Roger B. Eshelman (Aspen Times, April 9, 2004).

I’m sure these zealots get a great sense of accomplishment when their mission of evangelizing or proselytizing gets this kind of exposure, but you become their dupes in the process. Can’t we just count on The Aspen Times for a secular world view that is not offensive to any of your readers? I have also noticed that a lot of newspapers will print only one letter per month from the same person – this would reduce our exposure to “repeat offenders” such as Emzy Veazy (who is Emzy Veazy, anyway?) and Sue Gray. Could you consider making this part of your policy, too?


Dean Wilkins



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