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Letter writer misfired

Dear Editor:

I am appalled that Bill Bernstein of Emma is appalled that there is little opposition to the renewal of the Healthy Community Fund (“Nonprofits milk taxpayers,” letters, Oct. 5, 2011, The Aspen Times).

In case you haven’t noticed, the citizens of Pitkin County not only recognize that we have a responsibility to provide services to those less fortunate but they also recognize when they are getting a bargain. For just $55.55 per $1,000,000 of residential property value, they get to support 61 nonprofit agencies.

You are incorrect with your assertion that there is no official oversight of the use of these funds. There is considerable oversight provided by a group of extremely dedicated volunteers who serve on a citizen grant review committee who twice a year spend untold hours pouring over the requests and reports from these agencies, who in turn report to the county commissioners.

In addition, your argument does not make sense. You believe the county should be able to purchase services from nonprofits that provide services for feeding the poor or animals, without any approval from the voters but should not be able to go to the voters for approval to fund other nonprofits that you do not approve of. I wonder which programs angered Mr. Berstein so much that he was moved to write his letter objecting to this support.

By the way, if you would like to put some effort into forming your conclusions, you can go to www. Guidestar.org where you can find out exactly what “stupid ill-conceived projects” (your words not mine) and the exact salaries that are being paid.

I believe it is morally repugnant (your words not mine) to spread untruths in order to make a point. Next time, do your homework.

Peg Mc Gavock


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