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Letter writer clearly overwhelmed by anger

Dear Editor:

I read the letter Bruno Kirchenwitz wrote to you regarding his distraught and frustration as a result of being declined while applying to open a bank account at one of the valley’s local banks (“Politics doesn’t mix with banking,” Sept. 21, 2011, The Aspen Times)

After reading the letter more than once, I only thought it appropriate to pursue and satisfy my own curiosity as to what his venting was targeted at. Bruno, are you angry at the bank that declined you, the radio ads, the teachers who are already underpaid for educating the future of our nation, the school board, or is it simply the world around you?

I agree with you on one aspect of your letter: Yes, we are all feeling the tremendous strain this economy is bearing upon us. But Bruno, really, did you do any research, or even think what you were saying, before you submitted your letter to the editor?

First of all, I can only assume that I know exactly what bank you are referring to and the and the radio ads they are broadcasting for the mill levy over ride. You must not have children or you would not have even thought a second about submitting the letter. This particular bank, which you feel so free to bash and throw stones at, has over the last 30 some odd years contributed to and supported children’s education, athletics, recreation, and community programs of which I am sure totals in the millions of dollars.

Bruno, what have you contributed?

Teachers and what they get paid? I don’t want to even go there. It borderlines that of a joke. Come on, these are the people who are educating the future of our nation. A nation and world our children will inherit from us, which, we adults have done a pretty lousy job of stewardship. Yes, you and I are going to give these children a world of total chaos. Paying our teachers and keeping our schools funded is part of a solution. And, as they say, if you’re not part of the solution than you’re part of the problem.

Bruno, if you own a home or have a job somewhere here in the valley, let me encourage you to Google the effects school ratings have on property values. If you think our property values have gone down now, wait ’til you see what happens if we let our schools slide. You won’t just see property values go lower; you will see the commerce in every community flip upside down. Perhaps you own one of those businesses or work for one as an employee. Well, you can say good-bye to all that.

So, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that your outrage toward the bank, the teachers’ salaries, the radio ads, the taxes to help educate our future, was all just a temporary malfunction of common sense thinking.

Bruno, please don’t let your anger get in the way of smart thinking or doing what’s right.

P.D. Ash


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