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Letter was unduly harsh

Dear Editor:

I was appalled by Etna Tauscher’s July 4 letter (“A Plug for Willits Veterinary Hospital”) in The Aspen Times. She states that “finally we have a caring, compassionate, affordable vet in the valley. … For years I have envied the care my pets receive when we travel to other states. Now that same level of attention is available here.”

We have many highly skilled and compassionate vets in this valley and have been fortunate to have had such an exceptional level of veterinary care here for decades. The fact that Etna is fond of Willits Veterinary Hospital is no reason for her to unfairly knock down all the other vets in the valley in order to lavish her praise on one of them. Our vets are extremely hardworking professionals who give up much of their personal time because of their love and concern for animals.

The last thing they need is to get slammed.

Bland Nesbit


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