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Letter: Spare me, Mayor Skadron and The Aspen Times

Oh, please knock it off! Get a life, Aspen Times editorial staff!

The “sport of kings” is too rich for your blood or overwhelms your social inferiority complex, as is shown in “Snow-polo event wasn’t properly vetted” (Editorial, Dec. 13).

Whining about trucked-in or man-made snow at Wagner Park for the yearly snow-polo tournament is definitely wacky thinking as well as boasting of a particular politico’s wisdom.

Let me quote from the subject editorial: “Tapping massive amounts of water to make snow in the park, or using large trucks to transport large amounts of snow from the Lift 1A area, ‘speaks against our core values in this community,’ (Mayor Steve) Skadron said.”

I would ask the Aspen Valley Polo Club to warn Aspen Skiing Co. to escape from the Roaring Fork Valley pronto!

Kim Steve Skadron, of North Korea, must think Skico is his uncle and all snowmaking-machine users must be laid to rest in a graveyard of his choice. We are lucky Kim Steve Skadron and his anti-polo supporters are not horse-meat eaters like many Europeans.

Ride hard! Let your polo pony spin on a dime! Let’s play polo!

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, Calif.


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