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Letter: Shame on Snowmass

Shame on Snowmass

What has happened to Snowmass Village? Krabloonik would be an embarassment even to a Third World country. Then this loud and self-absorbed mayor hiding from the obvious facts and investigations of abused, underfed, and mistreated dogs for years from this barbaric operation.

All completely supported with a smile and handshake from the town of Snowmass Village. Shame on all of you.

Now Related Inc. is taking away the grocery professionally run, and operated for 25 years and with a smile, from a great bunch of people, only to be taken over by another poorly run grocery with a proven poor track record.

I encourage all others to join me, and boycott any and all supporters of Karbloonik, which would include the town of Snowmass Village, and anyone who supports or recommends Krabloonik, their Olive Garden-like cafeteria, or anyone who patronizes this cruel and pointless operation. How sad …

Tom Hill

Aspen and Santa Barbara, Calif.


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