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Letter: RFTA did great this season

Open letter to Dan Blankenship

Dear Dan,

We have now had a full season of riding RFTA for our skiing. We have really appreciated the BRT going from Carbondale to Aspen and Snowmass. It is a great service. Three stops from Carbondale to the Intercept lot ain’t too shabby. We have been on the slopes in as little as 45 minutes and in the meantime saving many miles on our car. I think we in the valley should be very thankful for you vision and leadership. We hope the financials work out as well as the service.

The only thing we would like to see is a little better timing between the shuttles (Snowmass and Highlands). It can be a little frustrating to see the downvalley BRT leave just as you arrive at the intercept Lot.

Keep up the good work!

Jane and Bob Lucas


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