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Letter: Life, love and loss in our valley

We’ve been hit by a number of mind-numbing losses this year. From long and short illnesses, advanced old aged and tragic accidents, we have lost those we care deeply about or know someone who knew that person. It’s always too soon.

Most recently, we lost Kathy Kania, a miraculous human being who brought life, love and laughter to so many of us and was so untimely taken from us in a heartbreaking accident early this past Friday.

This is the mixed blessing of living in a closely knit community that tops out at about 25,000 full-time residents in a 45-mile stretch of Highway 82, and at most twice that in the summer. We are blessed to share the successes of our family, friends and neighbors. At the same time, we grieve together for the incomprehensible sadness when someone leaves us.

We don’t take this special life here for granted. We know we are all on borrowed time. Yet, we mourn each loss individually, from our own unique perspectives. I have often described my life here and that of my wonderful husband Mike as being a kind of “Brigadoon,” harkening back to the mid-20th century play and movie about a small town where people never aged; each night being the equivalent of 200 “normal” years.

We are timeless and forever hopeful and energetic as much as our work schedule and health allows. Please take a moment to hug those you love — two and four footed — and do a random act of kindness for locals and visitors alike.

This place is so special. That’s why we live and visit here.

Roberta McGowan

Missouri Heights