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Letter: Let’s march against extinction

Dear Editor:

We all know that Earth’s precious and precarious ecosystems are under severe attack, with countless innocent species threatened with extinction as well as our entire way of being.

Well, we at the Jaguars Ambassadors Gang say, “Enough!” No longer can we just roll our eyes, stick our heads back in the sand and sigh about the situation, hoping that technology, which is more the problem than the solution, will come to our rescue.

There are many problems that need to be addressed and much to be done. But let us think about the fun, engaging activities and a positive outcome!

This Fourth of July, we are inviting the city of Aspen to join us in participating in our inaugural Extinction Parade to raise awareness about species extinction, educate the young and inform and mobilize the general public. We have chosen Aspen as a stand-out community, honoring its long-ago anti-fur campaign, which had such positive results and on which we are basing our campaign.

The parade is a step toward a more conscious, more aware world in which we make an effort to live with less, showing how a simpler life is a better, more enjoyable life, for which the other species who share the Earth ride will thank us as they desperately seek safer homes where they can raise their families.

We can do this. The change starts with us.

The parade will start at noon Thursday. Please join us, and let’s have some fun. To volunteer, contact Yanna at yanna@yannaworld.com or 970-948-6778.

We invite all onlookers to film the procession and post it up on social media as well as submit a video for a contest on our site.

We also appreciate any donations and words of support from all readers, revelers and conservationists, the proceeds of which will go toward our efforts to disseminate more information and awareness on urgent environmental issues. Please visit our site, JaguarAmbassadorsGang.com, to understand how we are going to effect positive change, worldwide, with our outreach campaign, which has some real teeth in it.

Yanna Blacy



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