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Letter head missed the point

Dear Editor:Whoever titled my recent letter “Thoughts from the beyond” missed the point of what I wrote.Who cares if a message comes from the Other Side or from someone in the physical? Is the message valid? Is it important? Is it worth paying attention to?In this case, I don’t, yes, yes, and you bet!Sure, I realize there are people who don’t believe in an afterlife. Maybe they’ll awaken to truth one day, maybe they won’t. Although I feel sorry for them, I say privately, “Go with God,” and I move on. I’ve done my part in delivering the message.The ones I’m writing for are those with an open mind, even if that mind is open only a crack. Do I want to start a group? No, I do not. (What would I call it? The Open-Minded Crackpot Society?)I want to reach those who will consider the possibility.What possibility?The possibility that we have many friends on the Other Side as well as in the physical world who are telling us the same thing. The message, the point of my recent letter, is this. The Earth and all human beings on it are in trouble.The message also says that we humans currently in physical reality have the power to make the necessary changes, if we will only wake up and know that we have the power.We hold the fate of the Earth and our fate in our own little hands. We dare not wait for rescue from Beyond. I don’t believe Jesus is coming again; he already did his part centuries ago. I do think, though, that he’s hanging around in the Beyond just to see what we will do now.What are we going to do? Will we save ourselves and our beautiful fragile planet? And when?LinelleAspen