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Letter: Grateful for Stewart Oksenhorn

Dear Editor:

Stewart Oksenhorn was a prodigious writer and a giant of a man who approached me with a calm and serene smile. Whenever I encountered him at the Aspen Post Office he was appreciative of any words I would throw his way. Usually the exchange would deal with local artists. He explained that his work was to cover an artist who was performing or who was published, and if I wanted my artistic work reviewed I’d better get going.

It seemed that Stewy covered all of the venues in town. His articles were a way for me to appreciate all of the performances I did not have time to see.

I am grateful to the Aspen Times for printing several photos of him, his daughter, and his office. His creative output, like that of Roger Ebert, demonstrated personal responsibility and a commitment to excellence which cannot be replaced.

John H. Ristine


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