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Letter: Dogs should be the focus

Dogs should be the focus

One of these things doesn’t belong — “husky huggers,” “canine crowd,” “Fido fanatics.” “It’s all about the money.” (“Journalists, dogs and money,” letters, Jan. 24, The Aspen Times)

Animal advocates are not in it for the money. That is not an allegation, that is fact!

I have seen what a fabulous sled-dog organization can look like. Check out the sled dogs of Denali. They maintain a kennel of approximately 30 well-cared-for working dogs that patrol Denali National Park, which encompasses over 6 million acres. I believe that Krabloonik could be done right. Bottom line: There is no reason for 250 dogs to be kept in the horrible conditions they currently are kept in. And a city shouldn’t be in bed with a private business.

The community and the journalists are doing their job! It is all about the dogs — living, breathing, social creatures, not commodities.

Carol Hawk


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