Letter: A great community effort

The Aspen Science Center experienced an extraordinary show of support from businesses and the community alike during its three recent events — our Science Sundays on May 3 and Sunday and the Amazing Race for Teens on Saturday. None of these would have been possible without the co-owners of Jimmy’s and Jimmy’s Bodega, Jimmy Yeager and Grayson Stover, and their amazing staff, Val, Sara, Ryan and Manny. Thank you for giving us the venues so that we had spaces in which to host these events and for being such good sports when kids were running around with oobleck-covered hands.

Aidan Wynn of El Rincon and Samantha Pearce of CP Burger also provided venues and goods for the Amazing Race. Aidan, his chef Schmidt and his entire staff didn’t seem to mind 50 soaking-wet high schoolers coming through the restaurant to separate eggs with empty plastic bottles while attempting to skewer blown-up balloons without popping them. Aidan also was generous enough to donate a full taco bar when the event ended. Sergio and his staff at CP Burger helped us with the miniature-golf challenge (in the snow!), while owner Samantha provided prizes of CP Burger gift certificates.

Ryan Folse at Isis Theater expedited our additional prizes of movie passes and discounted tickets, and we are grateful for his immediate support and kindness in helping us. Jeff, Scotty and Steve at the Eagles Club cheered on everyone during the pool-ball math challenge, and we thank them for their support of the teen event, as well.

As always, Alpine Bank showed its support for education in the valley by helping to sponsor these events. We are thankful to have a local bank that understands our mission for making science relevant, accessible and fun.

Finally, we would like to thank our volunteers, Chris Tyler, Miles Barkhurst, Leslie Francis, Michael Stranahan, David Krumwiede and Sy Coleman. We appreciate that you had as much fun as the kids!

Thank you all.

The Aspen Science Center Board and staff


High Points: Swooning for September

If you had to actually stop and pick a truly “best month,” one that deserves to have quotes around it, it would have to be “September.” Yes, this month. The one that currently possesses our souls. Now I’m sure that there are other candidates, but none share the versatility of this, the ninth month, and certainly none have the emotional sentiments that come with it.

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