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Let’s shelve the library expansion

Dear Editor:

We hope voters will vote “no” on 5A and 5B and save our library and civic plaza. We already have one of the largest libraries in Colorado, at 32,000 square feet.

The library already has $5 million in endowment funds to do as it likes without going to the taxpayers for another $10.2 million.

The library can have its secure children’s room, soundproof teen room, additional meeting rooms, Wi-Fi and computer upgrades and restructure existing space – all within its current walls – with its own $5 million and without the need to expand outside its walls.

The voters should not have to foot the bill at $10.2 million to fund a highly unpopular, inappropriate, large, cement canopy addition, which will take up approximately one-third of our plaza.

Please study the facts, and vote “no” on ballot issues 5A and 5B.

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Junee Kirk


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