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Let’s put ‘Bustergate’ behind us

Dear Editor:I am writing to encourage Colorado Animal REscue’s legal pursuit to recoup expenses in the recent “Bustergate” episode. As a donor to and volunteer at the shelter, I believe that moneys donated should be put to use for the betterment of the animals, not fighting frivolous lawsuits. The lawsuit and the nasty smear campaign against Leslie Rockey were unnecessary and damaging to the shelter, the shelter workers’ morale, and the finances of a wonderful nonprofit organization.These people have attacked the shelter at its strength; director Leslie Rockey is the driving force in creating an environment of shelter, training and care for homeless animals. She has devoted her life to the care and betterment of animals and yet, she’s the focus of all kinds of ridiculous accusations. She was the victim of a particularly nasty dog bite so they accused her of causing it. It’s just absurd!I would also encourage anyone who has doubts about what’s happening at the shelter to go there, visit, speak to Leslie and format your own impression of her and the shelter.Bad press aside, Colorado Animal REscue is a wonderful, modern, progressive animal shelter, and the residents and animals of Garfield County are lucky to have it.Laura Van DyneCarbondale

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