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Let’s plant a bear garden

Dear Editor:

As I was walking home through the mall last night, I thought we need a bear garden. No, not a beer garden (as much as I love a good Oktoberfest) but a bear garden. I was thinking that as a “medium”-size bear struggled to stay in the tree outside McDonald’s. I only became aware of the bear when I heard the sound of rustling leaves and snapping branches above my head.

This morning I walked by the remnants of another tree, which had snapped under the weight. Yep, we need a bear garden.

Sorry – we just can’t blame the bears. At a certain point we can’t even blame those who ignore the rules about trash – not them alone, not when we’re planting apple trees in the mall.

Retraining the tourists to ignore the bears? Uh, you’re kidding, right? A friend told me they spotted a bear bouncing on the doors of Clark’s Market. What happens when bears find out where we keep the big tubs of ice cream? They do love ice cream.

It’s illegal to feed the bears, but it’s not illegal to plant a tree or a berry bush, so let’s take some of that open space outside town (way outside town) and plant what the bears like to eat. When you relocate a “problem” bear, relocate it to the bear garden.

Just another crazy idea …

Ziska Childs


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