Let’s look at both sides of an issue

Dear Editor:Ouch, this is gonna hurt. I’m actually going to have to agree with Cathleen Krahe (letters, June 29). If anyone is trying to vilify the entire Muslim religion because of the actions of a minority (no matter how substantial that minority may be), or in an attempt to support Israel, they are wrong.The question is, why does she vilify everyone who is “devoted to the existence of Israel” (and why aren’t you similarly devoted to Israel’s existence Cathleen?) by smearing them with the broad brush of bigotry against the entire Muslim religion? I don’t know ANYONE who thinks like that, and I certainly don’t read any letters to the papers that advance that notion. But I am curious why she believes that Dr. Tafik Hamid shouldn’t have come to Aspen to speak about his experience as a former jihadist? I thought we were a town devoted to ideas – to both sides of an issue. Ms. Krahe may claim she wants people to talk to those they disagree with, but everything she writes about indicates she will not allow them to speak and she will not listen. She wants people like Dr. Hamid to just shut up and go away because she will not countenance any deviation from her jaundiced view of the world.R. Barry CrookAspen


Outfitted: Cozy season favorites

Even though there are plenty of warm days left before we transition to winter, the feel in the air has taken a turn. It’s officially cozy season. With cooler nights and the sun going down earlier, it’s time to break out those sweaters, hats, and blankets.

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