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Let’s let go of the angst

Having visited Gettysburg and learned the devastation that brother wreaked upon brother in the Civil War, it always amazes me that my European friends comment on the fact, unlike many other countries, when the American Civil War ended, it ended.

The victors did not round up the conquered and shoot them in the bullring. Many students of history observe that the North and the South moved quickly toward reconciliation.

Although the Civil War lasted four long, bloody years, I understand that the Aspen entrance controversy has lasted 33 years. Enough! Everyone agrees about that.

Let’s compromise and move toward some ACTION that we can live with ? before this Aspen issue becomes laughable and tragic at the same time.

It’s time to dispense with the us-versus-them mentality. Let’s agree to reprogram our thinking to only “us” and let’s get on with learning from the successes of other communities what works and what doesn’t so that we can avoid costly and stupid mistakes. I see too many decisions based on emotion instead of logic and common sense.

Tony Hershey actually phoned me last week to say that, although we are on opposite sides of the trolley issue, he wanted to assure me that he feels that issues should be separated from personalities. He remembers the “good old days” when people could disagree on an issue, then go have a beer together.

It remains to be seen if Tony and I will be in agreement on the next issue, whatever that may be, but I concur that we need to reinstate civility between opposing camps.

The best thing for this community now is to do a quantum LET GO OF IT! We may have to live with compromises, but that is preferable to the angst that we have endured prior to this election. Let go of it.

Why not learn good solutions from other communities and stop wasting time in meetings when we could be investing our time in productive solutions that benefit humanity at every level.

Yours for reconciliation and action …

Susan O’Neal


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