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Let’s lead the way

Dear Editor:Amendment 36 is the small-d democracy amendment. If it is passed, every vote cast in a presidential election in Colorado will count! If your candidate wins the popular vote, he will get his proportional share of the Colorado electoral voters. If your candidate is only runner-up he will get his share of the electoral voters.Isn’t that fair? Isn’t that democratic? One citizen, one vote – not some citizens, one vote, and some citizens, no vote.We can’t change the national Electoral College system, but we can change the Colorado “winner-takes-all” part of the system. That is, even if only 51 percent of the voters vote for Candidate X, and 49 percent vote for Candidate Y, Candidate X gets 100 percent of the electors. That’s not right.Colorado can lead the way to change. If we lead the way, other states will follow. Let’s lead. Vote yes on Amendment 36.Peter LarroweCarbondale

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