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Let’s hear some counter-ideas

Dear Editor:I, too, would like to add Sue Gray’s name to the Aspen Institute Ideas Festival as speaker (Letters to the Editor, July 12). We need new ideas and dialogue that confront the half-truths, manipulations and outright lies maintained by the present Bush regime. I had naively tuned in to the speeches available via KAJX and came away frustrated that nothing of substance had been discussed – no depth. Wondering why the speakers could not see beyond platitudes. Now, thanks to (letter-writer) Richard Gordon, I’ve got it. Of course. First of all, they do not see. And if they did, would not dare to Just Say No to the devastating politics that support the exclusivity of their access to and manipulation of resources, the Commons, that must belong to all of us.They do not have solutions. Let’s host a Counter-Ideas to support those who do.Mabel MacdonaldAspen/Glenwood

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