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Let’s hear it for women over 35

Dear Editor:I really enjoyed the screening of Mountain Town, the Aspen Ski Co.’s new film about Aspen. It was introduced as an attempt to bust the stereotypes about Aspen, so I can only assume that is still a work in progress. I was touched, intrigued and entertained by the portraits of 11 people who help make this town great. However, I came away with a profound disappointment that out of the 11, only three were female, and women over the age of 35 were completely ignored. This film is a perfect reflection of our culture, where women are rendered invisible – no matter how talented or accomplished – as soon as they pass “playmate” age. I love Aspen. I was born and raised here. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to live here after many years away. My dad was 10th Mountain. My mother ran our ski lodge, raised three kids and still managed to do her writing, art and photography. And she never missed a powder day.Since the film (I find it ironic that a woman directed it) neglected to give us any visibility, I would like to personally thank and acknowledge the very visible women over 35 who could arguably be said to represent the heart, the soul and the very backbone of Aspen.Starting with the mayor, councilwomen, a judge, many government workers, lawyers, officers of the law, firefighters, nurses, doctors, dentists and mental-health professionals. Thanks to the artists, including writers, painters, sculptors, printmakers, woodworkers, blacksmiths, designers, actors, directors, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers.Thank you educators – day-care providers, school and college teachers, SKI and SNOWBOARD INSTRUCTORS, physical therapists, trainers.Thank you bodyworkers, healers, service providers, haircutters, housekeepers.Thanks to planners, pilots, builders, bankers, business owners, entrepreneurs, hoteliers, restaurateurs, chefs, cooks, bakers, caterers, servers, hostesses, bartenders, dishwashers, counterpeople.Thanks to the directors of nonprofits, including Filmfest, Aspen Writers’ Foundation, Aspen Community Foundation, Aspen Ideas Conference, Red Brick Council for the Arts, Aspen Art Museum, to the conference and symposium directors, and many more Thank you environmentalists, ranchers, farmers, activists, philanthropists, scientists, researchers.I’m grateful to all the volunteers at the Thrift Shop, Aspen Valley Hospital, ski ambassadors and all those tireless volunteers who make the symposiums, conferences and events run smoothly.To the athletes of all kinds, including hockey players, runners, tennis pros, climbers, swimmers, backcountry guides, horsewomen, yogis, kayakers, gymnasts, soccer players and, lastly, the sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, wives, partners and the mothers who often have to scrimp, save and finagle to get expensive ski passes for their kids so they can grow up to be the phenomenal skiers and snowboarders represented in the film.I urge the ski company to shoot more portraits to give a fairer snapshot of the people who make Aspen great.Christie Interlante (Poschman)Aspen

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