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Let’s have an election!

Please ask your City Council members to support an August election for a trolley car system to replace the Galena Street Shuttle.

They will be deciding on Monday whether to have NO ELECTION on this issue!

Parking fees are going up, thanks to the same City Council, and what do we get in return? Paid parking was instituted as part of a “multi-modal/mass transportation plan.” Where is our mass transit ?

I am sure that if many of you thought that increased parking fees were going to help support the trolley or infrastructure improvements that you would go along with a moderate parking increase.

Where is all the parking money going? How little would it cost to save the trolleys?

The council should not ship the trolleys out of town when they are stored at NO COST until August. Let the voters decide in an August election after Bill Dinsmoor and the longtime local trolley brigade have had a chance to present a real proposal to the city.

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Let’s have a trolley election in August.

Sven Erik Alstrom AIA


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