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Let’s get this third party started

Dear Editor:

Indeed, war is a racket – as decorated Marine Gen. Smedly Butler observed in the 1930s. And in the time it took the Obomer to deliver his pep rally to the imperial troops in Afghanistan, the U.S. government billed the U.S. taxpayer $2,650,000 for military operations there. Yes, it would seem, war is, indeed, a racket.

After flying in under the cover of darkness, and adorning his Bomer jacket, the Obomer’s sermon to the troops was pure Bushsh–…” Your mission is making us safer. We didn’t choose this war. The attackers of 9-11 came from the region. Blah, blah, blah.”

As anyone with a brain can see, these imperial wars are about corporate profit and in Af/Pac about oil and gas development. And as with the health “deform” bill, more Mussolini (fascist) than Marx.

The corruption that is leading to our destruction is caused by our one party – the party of war and corporatism – under the facade of a two-party Republican democracy.

Vote and organize a third party.

Ben Newell


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