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Let’s fix the real issues

Dear Editor:

After reading for years the City Council’s concern for the environment, the Canary Initiative, etc., and now the proposed banning of plastic and paper bags, I submit the following:

I believe the biggest danger to our environment are the miles of backed up cars attempting to get into or out of Aspen every day. All of those cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles, etc., are all spewing noxious gases into our air. Why don’t our elected officials stop talking about a solution (for the last 30 plus years) and recognize that the only possible solution to our entrance problem is the “straight shot” or a modified “straight shot” with two or three lanes coming into town and a one-way out of town on the existing lanes of 7th Street, through the “S” curves to join the four lanes of Highway 82.

Please stop fooling around and solve the real environmental problem.

Gary Goldstein


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