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Let’s cut each other some slack

Dear Editor:I am writing as a concerned citizen. When I say “concerned,” I really mean fed-up with aggressive driving in our sleepy little burg. I regularly witness aggressive driving on my daily commute as well when I run errands throughout the course of the workday. I would like to say it is restricted to one group or another, but I have seen aggressive driving from construction vehicles, cars, SUVs, delivery trucks, AND bicycles.Whether we like it or not, the amount of traffic in this community is directly proportional to the amount of money in this community. Whether we think of it terms of tax dollars, development dollars, or tourist dollars, we all make more money when there are more people here.That being said, we all need to cut each other some slack on the roads. As a Colorado native, I have grown accustomed to the annual summer construction traffic. There is no way around it. When you combine the increased number of cars on the road (which will not be diminishing anytime soon) in this community with more bicycle and foot traffic, aggressive driving becomes even more dangerous. If you simply cannot negotiate it without metering your rage, then take a bus or better yet, try riding your bike. Bicycle rage is less dangerous to those around you than car rage. Who knows? Maybe all you need is a deep breath.P.S.: Thank you to the lugnut in the red convertible Mercedes with Colorado license plate “EMR” for inspiring this letter on July 24, at approximately 1:40 p.m.Alan MattoranoAspen

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