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Let’s come together for a community garden

Dear Editor:

Americans today have become disconnected from the origins and methods for producing the food they eat. This disconnection has negative impacts on the environment, our personal health and the community. By buying our food at a supermarket, we are supporting large-scale food production. This food in most cases has to travel an average of 1,300 miles to reach our table; food transportation emits tons of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere and contributes to global warming. Also, the food that we buy at the supermarket is often extremely processed and unhealthy.

The effects of this can be seen in the recent rise in American obesity. The corporate food industry also affects communities: An alarming number of family-owned farms have been put out of business by large-scale companies.

Something must be done to solve this problem, and some towns in this valley see that. In 2007, the Basalt Town Master Plan drew attention to the need of a community garden. Unfortunately, it is now 2010 and that garden has not yet been created.

We propose that the town of Basalt create that garden as soon as possible. A community garden would be a fantastic way to bring us closer to our food, and we need that connection with our food now more than ever. During these harsh economic times, it is important for our community to feel connected, and a garden would provide us with that connection.

Growing our own food would make us feel closer to each other as well as to our food. And, since we will literally be closer to our food, pollutants emitted during food transportation would be reduced. This would provide crucial aid to our ailing planet. Locally grown, organic produce is also much healthier than most things that can be bought at the supermarket. Eating food grown in our community garden would help us combat obesity and stay healthy.

If you support the creation of a community garden in Basalt, please visit our Facebook page, “All For A Basalt Community Garden!”

Hannah Condon and Conner Roper

Students, Basalt High School

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