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Let’s be proud of our museum

Dear Editor:

One thing is for sure regarding the proposed new Aspen Art Museum – there is a lot of controversy and a lot of people are opposed to it for many reasons.

An art museum should be the pride and joy of a community, a welcome treasure. Surely this is the case with our present museum. In no event should it be anything that the community does not like or support.

As I understand it, the proposed new art museum has not been approved as a result of public support and governmental approval. It has been imposed as a result of a lawsuit against the city. A lawsuit the city had already won, but has been settled on appeal due to the cost of defending the lawsuit and the adverse effect if the appeal is resolved against the city. This is simply not the way an art museum should be brought into our community!

It is truly amazing that the individuals behind the museum are proceeding without the full and voluntary support of the community. I can understand why a builder of a home or commercial building would do everything necessary to build what he wants. But I cannot understand why the promoters of an art museum would want to build something truly not in the interests or desires of the community.

It is time those behind the new museum meet with our citizens and elected officials to make sure there is genuine support for the museum, both from a location and an aesthetic standpoint. Furthermore, the approvals of the museum should come from the appropriate process and not as a result of a lawsuit.

Make the museum the pride of our community.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village

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