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Let’s ban everything

Dear Editor

In his letter (“Learn about the dangers of fluoride on Internet,” Aug. 15, 2011, The Aspen Times) chiropractor Tom Lankering says I have provided him the opportunity to write about fluoride.

As usual, he has this backwards: I have initiated no letters and have written only to correct misinformation supplied by him and a local columnist. Tom admits that the local doctors I listed “have some great knowledge” but thinks his opinion trumps their knowledge. The errors he made listing an anti-fluoridationist website were due to haste and should give pause to anyone seeking treatment from Dr. Tom when he is busy.

It matters not what address he supplies, as they contain nothing but junk science and are on par with the impressive Internet documents that prove Obama was born in Kenya. Reasonable information about fluoride, fluoridation, anti-fluoridationists, and chiropractors is at http://www.wikipedia.org. Evidently the only nutrients chiropractors approve are the ones sold from their offices at large markups to their gullible patients. M.D.s have also taken advantage of the efficacy of placebos as with vitamin B-12 injections.

If anti-fluoridationists would stick to a libertarian argument and not transfer their hatred of “the govment” on to the element itself, they might garner more support. But fluoride is not the only item “the govment” mandates in our water and food.

Large amounts of the poison chlorine are put into our water unnecessarily as the small amount of water used for drinking and cooking can be boiled or given a few drops of bleach by the homeowner if desired. The poison iodine is placed in our table salt unnecessarily as those concerned by neck enlargement can take iodine supplements. Excess iron can kill, and babies have been born with calcified brains, rendering them permanent cretins, due to excess calcium and vitamin D so these three items should not be used to “fortify” our bread and cereal. Folic acid is now added to bread to prevent neural tube defects in about 2,000 babies yearly when only women who might become pregnant can take a folic acid supplement.

What part of the word “acid” don’t you understand? We all should know what acid does – eats up our insides – so obviously folic acid is responsible for the epidemic of IBS which is now featured so frequently in TV ads. Vaccinations have also been long opposed as unnatural by chiropractors ,so we can do away with them too and complete our return to the pioneer days when barely half the children born lived to adulthood.

William D. Glenn, M.D.

Snowmass Village

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