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Let’s avoid a mistake

Dear Editor:

With respect to the city’s hydro project, a report by Tier One Capital Management LLC was prepared, indicating a cost of between $16 million and $18 million. The city of Aspen has indicated a capital cost of $10.5 million. The $16 million to $18 million estimate by Tier One was commissioned by American Rivers, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring the nation’s rivers and streams. The Tier One report suggests that cheaper sources of energy could be purchased from the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska.

The electorate is entitled to know what the cost of this project is so that public input can be provided and the city can make an intelligent allocation of tax dollars based upon the best information available.

The city argues that the report prepared by American Rivers contains “many factual errors and egregious mistakes.” Given the economic consequences of any decisions the city makes to the taxpayers, an independent third party should address the calculations made by Tier One and the city of Aspen so that a decision is made on a sound factual basis, not based upon the emotions of one side or the other.

Let’s avoid another Burlingame.

Richard Cummins


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