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Let’s all exempt ourselves

Dear Editor:

Is anyone paying attention or has it just become too much to deal with? Now it seems that county commissioners want to exempt themselves from land-use codes.

Apparently, following the same rules that they have imposed on property owners over the years is turning out to be an inconvenience. At the same time they want to increase property and sales taxes to spend that money without the fear of opposition or legal challenges.

If the oil industry or big business proposed this, Aspen and the five districts in the county would rally overnight! So where is everyone? Have we lost our senses or will to see through the smoke and mirrors? Perhaps it would be wiser to petition for an ordinance that commissioners must adhere to all county regulations and stop trying to obstruct the democratic process when it gets in their way.

Looks like the same group of citizens that keeps tabs on what the commissioners are up to will need to take another day off on Wednesday and oppose this insane proposal. While I’m at it, maybe I’ll stop by community development to apply for a couple of exemptions of my own. Of course I’ll need to go before the commissioners at some point for approval.

Ray Pojman

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