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Let us Gonzites howl together

Dear Editor:This letter is in support of previous letters submitted by Bros. Petrovich and Ramsdell. Several uneventful weeks have passed now since the news broke that our great Hunter party was being pooped. These two fellas both wrote (in veritable heartbreak fashion) their sorrow over the cancellation of the public portion of the Gonzo family reunion, and I feel that someone local should step in and thank them for their efforts and thoughts on this sad state of affairs. Echoing Monsieur Petrovich’s words, I ask why there is no local outrage over the bagging of what could have been the primo party to ever occur in the upper valley since the Goethe Bicentennial? I am sure that the residents of Woody Creek are concerned about being overrun with the deviants and errant thrill seekers who would pour into their small hamlet like a tide of stale beer, but I assure you that the national press will still cover this event. So why not embrace the weird and unfamous, who so want to be there when the doctor is delivered? Did we (you know who you are) not support this man while he was enjoying his living legend status? In return for the escape and education that HST guided us through in his ramblings, our cabbage spent on his mammoth works have uplifted many a local bartender, lawyer or dealer over the years in form of pass through economics.While I agree that it is important for the Thompson family, friends and celebrities to have a private ceremony, I sense that it is equally, if not more paramount, that this public reckoning be held. Let us howl together, as one nation of inspired, affected, improved, and permanently scarred Gonzites some full moon night in August, here in the place that Hunter felt most unmolested. If the adoring public is left unsatiated, things could get (economically and mentally) tense around, with national reputations proven, if the cops and security teams cordoning off “The Fist,” try to lock away the celebration of a legend that belongs to us all. I say Hunter would have found a quick way out of that kind of cautious, suppressed event and looked for the one that did not stop at the gates. By God, this is an opportunity to host the world’s weirdest gathering, and the way things are going, it looks like the truly weird are going to be sidelined and jilted like a an eager, undersized freshman on the varsity team, all in the name of sanity and order! C. Madison AndersonEmma