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Let them die

Dear Editor:

With recent headlines and learning about what is going on in our country, we have hit a new low in regards to our justice system.

Obama and other government officials feel that by putting some 9/11 terrorists on trial, we will show the world how fair our justice system is. What they should show is that unless you kill these terrorists right now, they will eat up taxpayers’ money from the start of these trials, till the day they die. Which could be years from now with a life sentence in prison. With many freebies along the road.

Our prison system is already draining money at an exponential rate. Incarcerating murderers and tax evaders for life, only to give these criminals free health care and entertainment to live out the rest of their pathetic lives. When is the last time any upstanding citizens got a free TV and a physical at the taxpayers’ expense? Or got a college education without the tuition costs?

Because of some douche lawyer saying their client is suffering cruel and unusual punishment, we can’t kill them or make them work hard labor for committing crime. Having some idiot feel a prisoner deserves more freedom and entertainment rather than paying for crimes they commit. I bet Bernie Madoff is happy knowing after the money he lost so many people, he can add insult to injury by milking our tax dollars so he can watch “Dancing with the Stars” on a flat-screen TV in an orange jumpsuit.

What is wrong with our prison and justice system? These criminals don’t deserve to sit in a cell the rest of their lives. (I’m talking about the murdering, raping, thieving, “deserve to burn in hell”-type criminals.) They either need to be taken out back and shot, publicly executed or turned into a laborer who works until they keel over and die.

Based on 2001 correctional costs from the Bureau of Justice, prison operations consumed about 77 percent of state correctional costs. State correctional expenditures had increased 145 percent. From $15.6 billion, in 1986, to $38.2 billion in 2001. Prison expenses went from $11.7 billion to $29.5 billion. And the spending on medical care for state prisoners totaled a very nice $3.3 billion. These expenses include building construction, renovations, major repairs, and land purchases. Also including money spent on food, inmate medical care, utilities, and contractual services. (Statistics are from the U.S. Department of Justice for all you nay-sayers.)

Why are we paying from the legal fees all the way to the retirement program for people who break the law? Some of you say the death penalty is uncalled for. That a murdering, good-for-nothing citizen deserves life, even if it is behind bars. Well, if you want to be the person to stand up for a killer’s rights, how about you be the one to pay him to have coloring books and a TV in prison. I sure as hell don’t see why taxpayers have to.

Chris Everding

Glenwood Springs

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