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Let the voters beware

Dear Editor:

Basaltines, we need to do our homework for the proposed bond issue of purchasing the Pan and Fork trailer park at the cost of $5 million to the residents of Basalt. I have never had to go to the polls to vote on tax increase issue with such a short amount of time and knowledge.

“Voter beware.” I would love to have all that open space and to preserve areas of Basalt for all of us to enjoy. Watch out for the “the major details” to the plan.

We all need to have more time to do our homework.

What are the costs above the $5 million?

What if the portion of the property the town would like to sell to a private entity does not sell, who pays?

Did you know that the costs of relocating the current residents of the Pan and Fork are an added cost not included in the $5 million?

Why were the residents of Basalt notified with such short notice about the proposed issue?

In the 2001 election the town had done their homework and involved our community, with polling for the bond issue ($3 million) and it was approved by the people of Basalt, all because they were well informed. The Town Council listened to the people!

Go out and Vote NO! You have the right to ask for more facts before spending $5 million. I am supporting Rick Stevens, Brian Dillard and Garrett Brandt.

Teri Christensen