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Let the pot catch up

A few points lifted from Richard Gordon’s letter, agreeing with Jeffrey Evans on Sept. 1, perfectly describe the mess that poor immigration planning has foisted on our communities and states.

“… it does seem to be time [to] quit staring at projections on computer screens and started observing the real world.” This should be tattooed to the forehead of every official who thinks that “smart” growth and conservation will mitigate for the immigration-driven population projectile that is aimed at your open spaces, your schools, your quality of life.

“… Advice to local politicians: ALL the problems in Pitkin County and the city of Aspen are caused by too much development. More development is NOT going to solve the problems.” More tattoos for blinded-by-ambition politicos.

Population growth brings inevitable development. Some Western states’ populations will triple and all will at least double in the next 25 years. With the nation’s largest number of legal and illegal immigrants, the highest poverty rates, lowest academic outcomes and general civic chaos, California is an example of what you folks do not want.

But you will get what you don’t want if each of you and your local leaders don’t move beyond singing “We are a nation of immigrants” and copy the wisdom of our great grandparents who put a cap on immigration to give infrastructures and the Melting Pot a chance to catch up.

That wisdom starts with each of us, but must be enacted in Washington, D.C. And as is always the case, networking with others maximizes our efforts. Please see http://www.numbersusa.com to join with far-seeing environmentalists in stopping the population juggernaut that will swallow our quality of life if we let it.

Barbara Vickroy

Escondido, Calif.

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