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Let people use the forests

Dear Editor:

In response to Mr. Boyles’ letter in the Aug. 21, 2009 edition about our Treasured Mountain Gems, I whole-heartedly agree that such beautiful areas must be preserved and treated with respect.

I believe that several other user groups would also like to see and have the privilege of experiencing such pristine mountain places. The Wilderness Campaign/Hidden Gems proposal limits public access to only hiking or horseback riding. It prohibits mountain bikes, ATVs, dirt-bikes, snowmobiles, motor vehicles, campers, chain saws, emergency services not on foot or horseback without special permission sometimes taking days to receive, and it limits the number of heartbeats per group allowed in the wilderness, etc.

I believe our national forest is intended for the people and not to be kept from the people. I would also like to mention the potential negative local impact if we do not allow people to enjoy our national forests in a variety of uses. Just food for thought.

Nancy Williams

Glenwood Springs

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