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Let Obama finish the job

Dear Editor:

Juanita R. Williams, of Parachute, states, “Women are on to deceitful men” (“Women for Romney,” letters, Sept. 30, The Aspen Times). As a Democrat who is increasingly appalled by statements made by Romney-Ryan, I certainly hope so! It was tempting simply to ignore her letter, filled as it is with points that make little sense, but in these last weeks before the election, it is vital to counter misstatements with truth.

Taking her points in order: Women fought hard to get health insurance companies to cover medications that improve and safeguard reproductive health. Most health insurance now covers erectile-dysfunction medication, as it should. We early feminists successfully got the government out of our bedrooms and the bedrooms of men as well. Calling birth control “recreational-sex liability” is too sad to discuss.

The Republican obsession with the vagina and the uterus is peculiar, distasteful and inexplicable. Todd Akin’s pontification about the difference between “legitimate rape” and some other type of rape is still current news.

Next, it is surprising that a Mitt Romney supporter would mention a man who “says one thing when he knows the microphone is on and something else when he thinks it is off.” Does the figure 47 percent resonate much?

Any discussion of unemployment needs to look back at the Bush years – one can’t undo eight years of shocking economic mismanagement in four years – and needs also to remember Romney’s deep disdain for bailing out the American automobile industry.

Any mention of fundraisers is dangerous ground for Romney-Ryan supporters. Locals remember well the stunning price of admission for recent Republican fundraising gatherings in Aspen when Romney made his brief, pricey appearances.

As far as the odd mention of marital affection goes, anyone who has seen the Obamas together has enjoyed viewing not only their evident long-term love but also their deep respect. What a wonderful role model for women and girls their marriage is! How lovely it is for our daughters and sisters to see a modern marriage in which each person is respectful of the other and both are working towards a better, more egalitarian society!

Finally, Williams ends with a wish to “clean the White House.” Aside from the disrespect to a U.S. president of comparing him to dirt that needs to be swept out, it is absolutely clear that, if there is any sweeping to be done, we should hope to leave out the adjective and simply clean out the House this November. Rid of obstructionist Republican representatives, President Obama could accomplish so many more of the wonderful things that he promised to do still wants to do, and could already have done if Republicans in the House had not made it their sworn mission to block him at every step.

Betty Salkin Wallach

Aspen and New York

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