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Let me vote

I am writing to publicly thank the Pitkin County Commissioners for understanding that Highway 82 has an impact on all of the residents of this county and that county residents should have a say in the decision.

Obviously, city voters get to vote on all county issues and county voters, historically, get no say in city issues. Fair?

Sure, it is the system, but the highway issue is one that we all should have a say in, and it is great to see a BOCC focused on that point. I personally don’t think the votes should be binding ? that is what elected officials are for in a representative government. However, these votes should be a great tool for the current and future elected officials.

I think too often people forget that “our” town includes many “Aspenites” who have been displaced downvalley. I grew up in Aspen, my kids go to school in Aspen, I work in Aspen, I volunteer in Aspen and I personally don’t react very positively to those who suggest that because I couldn’t afford a home here (and made too much to get a subsidized one) that somehow because I live in Old Snowmass I shouldn’t have a voice in this decision at the polls.

I am perfectly willing to accept a non-binding vote, but let me vote. Thanks commissioners!

Scott Writer

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