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Let Lance decide

Dear Editor:

In regards to your July 28 front-page article, “Mayor seeks date for Armstrong in Aspen,” I applaud Mick Ireland for honoring our now hometown Lance Armstrong with a banner across Main Street once he and his new family return from France; and provided he is contacted ahead of time, a further celebration of his podium win at this year’s Tour de France is most certainly appropriate!

Lance has proven to be a very gracious individual in spite of his seven-time feat as the Tour winner, and has made a tremendous comeback to the cycling world of racing since making his home in Aspen … and, all for a good cause in raising the level of cancer awareness that affects the lives of so many.

Let Armstrong be the judge of whether a celebration of this year’s accomplishment at the Tour would be a “cheap attempt to capitalize on his celebrity,” or whether it is because we would proudly welcome the opportunity to congratulate Lance here in this valley he now calls home on his incredible achievement!

Susan Capiel/Collin


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