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Let Krabloonik go, Dan

Dear Editor:

I think having The Friends of Aspen Animal Shelter take over the Krabloonik operation (“Animal activists eye Krabloonik for possible purchase,” Jan. 16) is an excellent idea.

It is clear by now Dan MacEachen is never going to comply willingly or unwillingly to any regulations set for his operation nor does it appear the Town Council of Snowmass will be applying much pressure either. He will continue pleading poverty for not making any improvements although he only pays Snowmass one dollar a year for leasing the property he’s on, and maybe, just maybe, it’s not the economy that’s causing a lack of business out there. Maybe the word is out on the treatment of the animals.

If he can’t afford to run the business properly, which he has overinflated through ego and greed, then he should get out and not make the dogs suffer for it.

He continues to pat himself on the back for pawning off his sick and unwanted animals on the people of Aspen via the Aspen Animal Shelter, which is not that much unlike the Mariel Boatlift process in Cuba in 1980.

Let’s just hope, in the meantime, he doesn’t try to negotiate the price of his operation by making it worse on the animals.

Don Dixon


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