Let it flow

Editor’s note: The following letter was written to Aspen City Council. Dear Editor:I would ask that you carefully reconsider this boondoggle hydro-electric plant project. While it is admirable to want to generate “green electricity,” I do not believe this project is in any way “green.”The minimal amount of power to be derived from this project in no way justifies the destruction that will follow to Castle and Maroon creeks from the decreased stream flow. Why are you mimicking what the Front Range has done to the Roaring Fork and Fryingpan to accommodate growth? Surely concerted conservation efforts alone could account for the amount of power that is dubiously projected to come from this plant. And I am dismayed at the amount of work already in the ground to service this plant when there seems to be very little support for it from the citizenry once they are aware of its effects on the ecosystem. We are here for the natural beauty, not to service 15,000-square-foot second homes with their lights on and nobody home. That’s right, lights on and nobody home …I encourage the council to abandon this misguided project and leave the streams flowing. Dick CarterBasalt