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Let Denver rest in peace

Dear Editor:

Beautiful letter by Karen D’Attilo regarding the despicable bashing of John Denver in letters to the editor (“John Denver bashing is wrong and unwarranted,” letters, Aug. 18, 2011, The Aspen Times).

I have questions for those letter writers:

Who are you people? What have you done to improve the world lately? How many people have you inspired with your writings? It’s clear none of you knew John Denver or his music at all; you are simply mean-spirited and clueless.

Don’t you know that people from all over the country visit Aspen as an act of pilgrimage? John’s lyrics, his corny enthusiasm and his love for the Earth and life have influenced a tremendous number of people. John’s legacy is a good one. You bashers are just vile.

Now that I’ve expressed that, I’m not in favor of naming a peak on Sopris after John Denver, but not for the same reasons as everyone else. I’m concerned that people who have no business doing so will try to get to the top of that peak because it’s named for John. For that reason alone, a peak on Sopris is not a good choice.

Sherry Young


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