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Let Basalt control its destiny

Basalt voters are being asked to adopt a Home Rule Charter on Nov. 5. The charter was written by nine Basalt citizens who were elected by the voters, who spent many hours weighing the issues and preparing a document that will allow Basalt to govern more effectively. A public hearing was held and the charter was adjusted to reflect citizen’s concerns.

The charter does not lessen the power of the citizens. In fact, it offers more choices and opportunities for comment and citizen involvement.

Basalt government is now controlled by state statutes which sometimes do not address local situations. If no statute exists regarding a certain problem or issue, the town’s hands are tied.

I believe home rule will allow the flexibility to deal with local issues and give elected officials the opportunity to explore additional revenue stream. Remember, any new tax must be approved by a vote of the electorate.

Please vote on Nov. 5. A yes vote will allow Basalt better control of its own destiny. The issue of term limits is your personal choice.

Leroy Duroux

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