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Lesser of two evils

Dear Editor:The final presidential debate occurred on Wednesday night and much of what we heard was the same as what has been said already. So instead of getting wrapped up in my own opinions, I decided to focus on the media and how they treated the debate and the candidates. The reason for this was because I’ve heard all kinds of accusations from the right that the news media is liberal in nature and supports the Democrats. I decided to check for myself in the minutes following the end of the debate. My first source was MSNBC with Chris Matthews and a panel of others that included Andrea Mitchell and Pat Buchanan, a staunch conservative. In the first 30 seconds of reporting, many on the panel felt it was a strong performance by both candidates and a balanced approach was obvious. However, when I then switched quickly to the Fox, it became clear which network was biased in their reporting. Brit Hume and his panel were wholeheartedly for the president, claiming a strong victory and a knockout blow for Bush, failing to even talk about Kerry for 10 minutes. It was a joke at best and a travesty of “reporting” at worst, completely ridiculous to watch unless that’s what you want from the news – a cheerleader for your side.Rupert Murdoch and the Fox Network are typical of the hypocrisy on the Republican side. While the Republicans claim to be conservative, they are merely greedy, hiding behind a moral cloak that is becoming increasingly more invisible. For a network that obviously favors the right, to flood the airwaves with the trash that they promote is the best example of hypocrisy. Fox is even being levied the largest fine for indecency ever in the United States for it’s trashy show “Marriage in America,” which portrayed nudity and sexual activity at a time when young viewers were likely to watch. The only reason for the programming on Fox is greed, plain and simple. Moral degradation is fine when it’s not me and my family involved and I can make a ton of money.This hypocrisy on the right goes further, it affects us every day in the lies that the Republicans tell. They say they are for states’ rights, yet they are the party that is opposed to individual states and their people deciding their own destiny on such issues as medical marijuana and gay marriage. They claim to be fiscally conservative, yet they historically break the bank on defense spending. We could go on and on. Personally, I think that both parties are a problem, however, it has become clear that the Democrats are far and away the lesser of two evils. The deception of the Republicans is too much to take; I’m voting Democratic across the board this time, for a change. If McCain didn’t get screwed by Bush in South Carolina four years ago, I think things might be different, but that’s another story.Mike TreckerTwining Flats

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