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Less construction equals less traffic

Dear Editor:It’s one of those two times a year when traffic is at its worst and the outcry for a four-lane road into town starts up. According to Tim Semrau’s guest column (The Aspen Times, Dec. 22), all who oppose four lanes are fanatics or NIMBYs, and all those who support four lanes are sane and reasonable.I ride RFTA daily. On Friday, Dec. 23, I rode the Cemetery Lane bus at 5 p.m. There was no traffic to speak of on Main Street or through the S-curves. Again the next day at 3:30 p.m., and again for the next two days, our bus encountered no traffic during the typical rush hour. How is it that just a few days earlier traffic was bumper-to-bumper? Where was all the traffic from Friday to Monday? Our skiing guests are here, the valley residents are commuting to work, so what was different?There was no traffic jam because it was the beginning of the Christmas weekend and construction was taking a holiday! If we want to maintain our small-town quality of life, we must ratchet down construction. If we build bigger roads, bigger schools and bigger houses, all we will end up with is a bigger and more crowded community. Tim Semrau suggests that the solution to traffic is to build a four-lane highway into Aspen. From Tim’s perspective as a builder, that might seem to make sense, but his view is not the only solution for Aspen’s future.Cliff WeissAspen

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