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Leonard has a vision

Dear Editor:

Status quo isn’t good enough for our children!

Although I have never met Pitkin County sheriff candidate Rick Leonard, I have met women who have been abused by Aspen husbands who are drunk or on drugs, which leads me to believe we need a change in the mind set of our sheriff’s department since Joe DiSalvo insists past sheriff department procedures are adequate. Not so. I was disappointed to hear Bob Braudis tell me the sheriff’s department does not do drug training in the high schools. It’s evident to me there’s a need for change in the valley’s law enforcement approach to illegal drugs.

Joe DiSalvo may be a perfectly nice man, but we need a law enforcement officer who will impact drug problems in our schools and who is concerned with public safety because the valley’s higher-than-normal suicide rate is also affected by illegal drug use. Furthermore, RESPONSE victims have told me domestic violence in the valley is almost always associated with drinking or drugs – the status quo isn’t good enough for our children, and a new approach is required.

I suggest we clean up the valley’s youth drug problem and ensure public safety by electing a sheriff with a vision for how to enforce the law. I encourage you to check Rick’s website to learn more about his innovative ideas – http://www.leonard4sheriff.com.

Vote for Rick Leonard for sheriff in the November election because the status quo isn’t good enough for our children!

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